Experience Beyond Thinking by Diana St Ruth

Experience Beyond Thinking, by Diana St RuthAn easy to follow guide to Buddhist meditation and the reflections of an ordinary practitioner.

If you want to learn how to meditate, this is the book for you.


Have the courage to let a thought slip by and not chase after it. Not clinging to thought, not rejecting it, the mind will open to a natural awareness. And awareness moves where life moves, not where hopes, fears, and wishes move. Come away from the wandering dreamy mind into the reality of the moment and cling to nothing. Be totally free. This is a distinct possibility for you, for me, and for anyone who has the courage to trust life, fore go the past, and allow the moment to be itself.

And on Walking Meditation

Walking is a wonderful way of meditating. It brings one to the point of realising that meditation does not depend upon the position of the body. Sitting, standing, lying down, walking — what is the difference when one is aware? The state of being aware is an experience which goes beyond the body.

The formal practice of walking is very useful in retreat situations where a lot of sitting is taking place and the body gets stiff. To walk for ten minutes or so between periods of sitting, stretches the joints and can bring relief to aching knees, ankles and so on. But more than that, in a sense, walking meditation is like putting sitting meditation into motion. This can break down any misconceptions about meditation being something only to take place in perfect stillness.

Back cover: Experience Beyond Thinking A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation, by Diana St RuthDiana St Ruth is the editor of Buddhism Now magazine and the co-director of the Buddhist Publishing Group in Totnes, Devon, England. She has written several books on Buddhism including Understanding Karma and Rebirth.

Experience Beyond Thinking A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation, by Diana St Ruth

ISBN 13: 978-0946672264  ISBN 10: 0946672261

Buddhist Publishing Group, Published: 2008, Paperback, 172 pages, £9.95 / $14.95

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Experience Beyond Thinking A Practical Guide to Buddhist Meditation, by Diana St Ruth

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